Contributors Team

Mona | Editor-in-chief | @flights_kuwait

She is a born writer and amateur chef. She would love to see as much of the world as possible and when she is not; she is busy saving it from behind her office desk. Besides being a travel writer for over 10 long years, she is a crazy foodie, enjoys spending time with pets and listen to songs. She always tries to keep her news stories short and crisp to convey only the updated information not the surrounding junks. “Be world updated” is her slogan for people because information is king and would take you places where you have never went before.

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Simha | Executive Editor | @flights_kuwait

He feels it’s a privilege to work in the travel world, which provides infinite opportunities to expand writing capabilities and knowledge. With an experience of more than 5 years, he has developed a passion for translating complicated subjects into clear and compelling writing style. Basically he is a very curious guy and enjoys research. He is a lifelong learner and always in search of interesting topics to research. He is passionate about understanding the unique talents and works hard to execute strategies and copy that will evoke desired responses from the reader.

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Nymisha | Writer | @flights_kuwait

She has a penchant for breaking news stories and a keen interest in entertainment stream. For her, writing is about connecting with reader and conveying a clear message which is understood. Her writing style is crisp, to-the-point, and conversational with a high level of professionalism. Web and entertainment related content is her specialization, but her writing extends to travel, technology, health, etc. She writes articles, blogs, newsletters and marketing materials. She would love to make a place for herself in the world and go down in the books of history as a vivid writer. Her uniqueness lies in her boldness to ask questions and work with the team to get an apt solution.

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Rohini | Writer | @flights_kuwait

She loves travel blogs especially, because she has a passion about travelling. Besides professional endeavours, she always takes out time for her spiritual pursuits. She loves to help others using her talent and skills. She loves writing blogs or news related to any kind of niche, and always keeps track of the forever-changing world of technology. She believes strongly that relationships are built on great and transparent communication. She blends up her writing skills with a great passion in order to make the user to be glued to her write-up.

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Sai | Guest Writer | @flights_kuwait

Though he has a fondness for writing stories since time immemorial, travel is his new love that has blossomed five years ago. He is a full time travel writer and web promoter. But more than that, he is passionate about setting goals and achieving them. He is action-oriented and has a strong work ethic. He enjoys writing, reading, travelling, socializing, and meeting people. He is also fond of good Hollywood movies.

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